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Join over 10,000+ Bourbon Stewards from around the world who have gained the ability to speak with knowledge and confidence about Kentucky’s signature spirit ”“ bourbon. Executive Bourbon Steward Online Certification is a self-guided version of our most popular In-Person training. Work your way through 6+ hours of instructional videos and materials to gain a strengthened understanding of the technical side of bourbon production, its history and relationship to other whiskeys, and the variety of aromas and flavors found in different expressions, giving you the tools you need to build creative flights and guide your own engaging sensory experiences.

Key concepts covered:

  • Whiskey classification, including what makes bourbon unique
  • The science of bourbon distillation and aging
  • An overview of bourbon production practices and equipment
  • The history of America’s national spirit
  • Sensory and aroma training
  • How to educate consumers in a friendly and engaging way
  • Tips on how to build and conduct bourbon tastings

Included with your online access:

  • The Bourbon Steward Handbook (Softback)
  • A 36-piece bourbon sensory training kit
  • A crossed thieves lapel pin (upon course completion)
  • A special Stave and Thief Society challenge coin (upon course completion)

Study at your own pace to complete each module. At the end of the course, take a test to demonstrate your bourbon expertise. Those who pass will earn the lifetime, professionally recognized title of Executive Bourbon Steward in the Stave & Thief Society. To signify your membership, you’ll receive a crossed thieves lapel pin and special Stave and Thief Society challenge coin.

Structure at-a-Glance:

  • Complete Executive Bourbon Steward online course
  • Study the Bourbon Steward Handbook
  • Take the online test

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Looking for a hands-on bourbon experience?

If you’d rather be in the classroom and learn in-person, check out our Executive Bourbon Steward classroom offerings. This day-long workshop offers state-of-the-art classroom training, hands-on distilling, and advanced sensory training, along with plenty of bourbon to enjoy throughout the day (for educational purposes, of course).

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