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As far a experiential vacations go, you’ll not find a better souvenir than a cask of whiskey or other spirit that you created. The expert staff at Moonshine University will, of course, be available to give as much advice and feedback as requested, but the product will be all yours as you call the shots during the week-long process.

1. Create your own Mashbill: We’ll spend Sunday afternoon sampling different products to help you zero in on a custom-designed mashbill to suit your tastes.

2. Mash It: Monday will be spent mashing two batches in our 250 gallon cooker. Why two? To make sure you have enough to fill a barrel.

3. Distill it: When the mash is ready, it’s distilling time. We’ll take you through a stripping run and a spirit run on Thursday and Friday.

4. Barrel It: Once the distillation process is finished, we’ll put it into a barrel that you picked out and toasted or charred yourself.

5. Age It: Choose how long you want to age your spirit, and we’ll age it for you at Moonshine University. We’ll send samples every six months to keep your anticipation in check.

6. Bottle It: No need to drink straight from the barrel, we’ll bottle it for you and then send it to a distributor to make sure everything is legal.

7. Drink It: You don’t have to drink all of it. You may use it for gifts, or close big deals with your own concoction.

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