Stave & Thief Society Executive Bourbon Steward Gift Certificate


Want to give that special someone the ultimate bourbon gift?

Buy them a seat in the Executive Bourbon Steward Training & Certification course!

  • – Class Includes:
    • – Exclusive Bourbon Sensory Kit
    • – Membership Lapel Pin*
    • – Stave & Thief Society Challenge Coin*
    • – Lifetime Membership to Stave & Thief Society
  • – Breakfast and Lunch Served day of class
  • – Allows your recipient to choose their own date to attend
  • – Keeps them from knowing about the gift in advance
  • – Delivered via USPS Priority Mail


This day-long workshop combines classroom instruction, hands-on bourbon distilling, and advanced sensory training for professionals in the bourbon industry as well as advanced enthusiasts. Instruction includes thorough analysis of the individual components of the distillate and the production process, as well as an examination of history, context, standards of identity, and bourbon’s relationship to other whiskeys.

*Upon completing the class and passing the exam, participants will earn the title Executive Bourbon Steward, as well as their membership pin and challenge coin.

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